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Even so, Conception 2 understands those concepts beyond a surface level, subtly tweaking those mechanics to enrich its gameplay in similar ways that still stands out from pretty much every other JRPG.

For all its influences, Conception 2 adds a number of its own smart additions that are steadily revealed over the campaign.

You’ll hear numerous awkward jokes about some characters’ breast sizes, see the cliched perverted-old-man trope pop-up unwantedly, and be treated to numerous shots of the leads in skimpy outfits--all in the name of fighting the boss of the next Labyrinth.

If that’s what you’re into, have at it, but it’s a lot to ask of some players that prefer better-than-average JRPGs to treat women with a little more respect.

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The risk/reward at play adds tactical density to random battles, sidestepping the repetition that’s usually associated with average enemy encounters.

The game requires you to befriend a handful of cute girls, like Nariko, the timid-yet-buxom student leader, and Serina, who looks distressingly young despite technically being older than the protagonist.

It objectifies the women to an extent, via increasingly intimate conversations and gift giving until they like you enough to take the relationship to the next level, which in turn creates stronger Star Children to take into battle.

The on-screen ritual briefly shows the couple holding hands before it cuts away to a new Star Child popping out of a Russian nesting doll, and the script gets a lot of mileage by implying what’s really going on during this sacred rite.

But this all has a deeper purpose beyond some quick gags.

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